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Easy Tips To Be Creative in 10 Minutes

Our present scenario often stereotypes creativity like a natural skill. Artists are given praises of “you’re ‘really’ talented,” however, you will be shocked to find that talent has lesser connection to it.

If you want to get more creative while attempting designs, you must realize that it’s a skill to be learned, practiced, and developed, just like any other. Sports takes time to learn, as does painting, coding, and riding a bike.

Creativity is just practice that needs dedication. The more you use it every day, the more it develops. The big question is – how does one practice it daily?

Here are the first five tips from this post – and guess what? You can get creative in about 10 minutes!

We will check the remaining five of the ten tips in the next article.

1. Create the Right Environment

  • Biggest revelation today is – yes, you and every individual born, can be creative.
    You require the right support, environment and drive for that to happen.
  • Kids are loaded with creative energy partly because they were not trained to fear peer-criticism or ever realized embarrassment due to failure.
  • That’s how failure is got to be praised today in adults – it means that person is creative and risk-taking. However not all creative ideas will turn productive, someday few will (perhaps even become very famous).
    Big companies use new techniques to cheer employees with fun gifts such as free drinks, beach volleyball courts, a place amounting a play area for adults.
  • Create a situation where employees feel energetic and peaceful and suggesting innovative, even wacky, ideas.
    Businesses that require creativity (‘most companies require it’) need to do their best to foster a creative, safe space where unusual ideas are celebrated and where creativity is nurtured.

2. Move Your Body and cease brainstorming

Old-school practice promotes group brainstorming as a easy way to develop creativity, now research tells that group collective is not what they are perceived to be.
Try new ways to creative problem solving:
1. Go for a stroll.
2. Move yourself and approach your project obstacle from different angles.
3. Physical actions has a power to develop creative thinking.
4. Like film artists try new poses and directions to create fresh approaches.

3. Doodling

  • In school we might have been prevented from doodling to pay attention, now things have changed!
  • Doodling, opposing popular logic, is never a lack of focus.
  • Can help you stay focused and working while trying an activity which you may find confusing.
  • The book The Doodle Revolution by Suni Brown, states that some of the greatest genius like Henry Ford or Steve Jobs doodled for creativity sake.
  • Doodling enhances recollection and activation of fresh neurological paths, for breaking through ideas and developing new insights.
  • Companies encourage employees to doodle over meetings!

4. Sign Up for a Class in Something You’ve Never Done Before

  • Creativity develops when you go outside your comfort zone and find new pathways.
    1. Go for an adult education class in spare times.They offer plenty of casual beginner classes.
    2. Try wood work.
    3. a new language.
    4. a new musical instrument.
    5. a cooking class.

5. Use your Sketchbook :

Sketching can be a great way to record memories and make effective use of time instead of meddling with the phone.

1. Get a small, light sketchbook.
2. Sketch whenever there is a few spare minutes – draw the spoon on your table within the time you get your coffee, or the water bottle on a seat in the train.
3. You may be shocked by your sketches at first, well as you sketch more you will find nicer drawings.
4. Don’t overthink about results– sketch for the pure joy of the moment, and never for the end result.
5. Creativity spreads through activities, and sketching for a few minutes every day would give a rush in creative thoughts.

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