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New concepts in presentation slides production


Making images bigger

Smaller images are less pleasing to be looked at and more easy to be ignored.

  • Add black slides smartly or minimal slides as holders for while you give the presentation the audience quickly get a break and can concentrate on your words.
  • Not every slide has to be a photo slide.
  • Nor every slide looks great with a headline, individuality supports the energy of the each slide, and adds enough focus.
  • Color can be cleverly used as a title card queue or to tag a recurring concept.

Do not use clip art, comic sans, word art or funky fonts:

Absolutely refrain from using these old fonts or decorations.

The time has changed now and people prefer a totally different minimalist look.

Make Labels and tables legible:

Be sure to keep the labels and tables look professional and most important more white space and clear fonts that don’t bleed into the background too much.

They should not have that pre-school touch or look too funky.

Try the sample of your presentations slides:

Check the colors and letters once with a small audience and thereafter double check with their feedback and edit as per advised and only then publish the slides.

Ditch routine formats for example check out the list in this article, It has no bullets, yet it looks legible.

Check the picture in this article, It does not fully tell about the subject but yet it is understandable.

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