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Design Rules you should always follow

We have always read about the important design rules we are not supposed to break. So what is it that we should follow? This blog will take you through some tips you should alwas keep in mind while designing.

Select the right color

Choosing the right color is a very important factor. If you have a basic understanding of the color, you will be able to use the color to your advantage. Don’t use colors that are so bright, that they are so hard on your eyes. Colors evokes feelings and moods. You can also try out different color combinations.

Be Consistent

Consistency makes learning easier.It leads to a better user experience. Visitors don’t have to move around learning new tricks. Inconsistency throughout your designs will lead the visitor to slow down and lose interest.

Write to the point

Don’t write an essay, nobody will be interested in reading lengthy stories. Your visitors don’t read online content the same way they read the pages of a book. The message you are trying to convey should be crisp and clear. Don’t play with words or try to show off your vocabulary. If the information on the page doesn’t hold the visitor’s attention, they will soon move onto another site.

Typography matters

Choosing the right font size and type is much difficult than most designers think. Avoid the most commonly used fonts. It is better  to stick to one or two fonts.

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