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Design Exercises for more productive thoughts

Our brain must be stimulated every time in order to create fresh ideas and work. Here we shall explore joyful methods to create fresh works for our websites or blogs.

Fun Activity 1:

  • Try to recollect a quote from the last movie or TV sitcom you watched.
  • Write it down and create a slide using that, build as many slides you can imagine. Have a time limit!
  • Publish it in the fan website of that show or movie.

Activity 2:

  • Select a new font.
  • Build a slide using that new font.
  • Check other fonts that match it.

Activity 3:

  • Make a sketch using your imagination about your favorite super hero.
  • Check other sites for inspiration.
  • Publish the sketch in your website or blog or facebook. I am sure some your close friends will like it:)

Activity 4:

  • Choose your favorite painting.
  • Create a new character to talk with the characters in the painting.
  • Apply styles from the painter. Publish it on your blog and see the comments!

Activity 5:

  • Create a logo for your own brand or a new product.
  • See how the end result is supporting the product.
  • Share with your friends and see how it can improve.

See how interesting these activities can be. Try this out and reply here how beneficial it was for you or your work. If you have more tips like these to share do give them in the comment section.







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