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Five Tips to create professional designs

Universal rules exist when it comes to designing slides for presentations. We will inspect each important aspect of designing presentations.

Use default themes wisely:

Most design tools like pixelfy have amazing themes that are built in. Use these themes wisely to create a design that stands out. Mix different templates together to build one classy presentation slide.

By wisely choosing different themes you are making one unique presentation that has some identity of its own.

Use good photographs:

Photographs have to look clear and stunning. If not it does nothing, in fact it would disturb the audience if it had bad photographs.


Solid colors are more suited to professional look rather than fancy photographs. Do try solid block colors with a contrasting white or black letter color to give a sleek look.


The font selection is vital to decide if it clashes or empowers the presentation. Therefore choose the font wisely while designing.

Pick up standard fonts instead of new funky ones. The standard fonts have stood the trials of time and have remained bold and manageable ever since they became popular.

Just because they are older fonts do not avoid them completely.



Check the readability issue while using both the fonts and the background together. If they look like a disaster do avoid that combination. The lines must be clear and stunning to look at and same time they must be readable.

Another problem here is the bar that you use for typing the lines and captions. Are they fat, thin or medium.

Remember all the parts of the presentation must be balanced and shouldn’t look boring. The clean balanced look is what we call professional.

The video below has tips to better slides and it has design tips too, come back to our blog for more of such wonderful brainy tips on designing. Give your own tips in the comment section below.

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