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Design Tips for Non-Designers

Are you being assigned with the daunting task of creating beautiful designs, at your workplace? And do you find it overwhelming? Creating an amazing design is not an easy task for beginners, I totally agree. But it’s neither a herculean task. All it requires is practicing and referring good designs.

Don’t worry, we will take you through a few tips that will help non-designers create good looking designs.

Create a hierarchy

There should be one important element in your design. Build the rest of the elements around it. Emphasize the key element with one color or font. Make it visually dominant from the rest of your design. Don’t try to get everything to standout.

Use a background image

It is important to use a background image. Avoid adding too much text per slide. Text accompanied with background image will enhance the look of your design and this will add visual interest. Use a high quality image. Make sure the selected image suits your concept.


Make it a point to keep your design elements consistent. For example if you use a particular font for a headline on one page make sure the same font is used for headlines in other pages also.

Font Pairing

Limit the use of fonts. Avoid the use of crazy, funny or gimmicky fonts. Find the font that works for you. Playing with different fonts requires a lot of experience, so it’s better to use two to three fonts in your design. Keep it minimal. Simple fonts are easier to read and don’t divert from your main message.

Grids can build visual interest

Grids are simply the vertical and horizontal divisions of space. They are very useful in designs. Use grids to call attention to main parts of your message. Plan, how much information should be provided on a single slide.

Try, Try and Try

Trial and error method is the rule here. Give it the best shot. Try designing in several ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different components and try all possible layouts and color schemes. You have to play around with your designing tool to explore all the available possibilities. This will lead you to a visually appealing design.

Happy Designing!!

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