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Design Elements

What are the elements that makeup a good design?

The elements of a design are simply the building blocks which creates a beautiful art work. Designing is an unending area of research. There are plenty of elements that make up a good design. Here let’s discuss few important elements which contributes to a good design:

The most basic element of design is that of Lines. They are two connected points, which divides space and creates focus. Lines can be straight, curved or irregularly shaped. Vertical lines can stop eye movement, while horizontal lines symbolize rest and relaxation. Lines creates focus and gives a sense of movement.

A shape is a geometric or organic form. They standout from the space next to it or around it. Simple shapes are easily remembered and understood. The form, color, size and other characteristics for the shapes in a layout can determine its mood and message.

Color creates a mood and tells a story. They can generate emotions and create visual interest. Colors are pleasing to the eyes and can grab attention.

Space can be used to separate and connect elements in a design. The use of white space/negative space can create an overall impact to the design.

Typography, refers to the way text is arranged on a page. They can enhance a theme, reinforce an idea or thought, create interest and bring in an aesthetic appeal. Typography when done correctly can draw the attention of the visitors and explains your content to your readers. It guides the reader and tells them what is the most important in the text and helps them organize information.

There are many rules and principles that contribute to the making of a good design. The above discussed points are the basic factors that aids in creating a beautiful appealing design.

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