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Power of Icons in Designing

Why use Icons?

Icons play a vital role in designing. So, what’s an icon? It is a representative symbol of a concept. They are everywhere and has become part of our day to day lives. Icons are an effective way to draw users into the content of your website. They help us understand and interpret the information. It’s very effective using icons in your design to hook your visitors. Let’s run through some points to see why icons are effective.

Interprets the Content

Icons supports your content. You can quickly sum up the information. Icons are expressive enough to understand what you are talking about. The users can be motivated by the message conveyed by icons.

Highlights new and exciting features

Human beings are visually wired creatures, websites without icons and pictures can be boring. Images draw our attention. For example can you ever think of your favourite social media-Facebook, without any icons? It would look dull and boring. Icons help you structure the content and separate different functions and services.

Increases Readability

Use engaging icons to draw attention to paragraphs and other blocks of content. Icons are easier to recognise and remember. They are very powerful visual tools which helps a user when navigating a page. Icons are most effective when they improve visual interest and grab user’s attention.

Utilizes less space

Icons can effectively communicate a message in a minimal amount of space. Icons need not be accompanied by text, they can stand on their own and can better communicate to the user.

It is important not to get confused between icons and logos. They are not the same. Unlike logos, icons do not communicate a brand or identity, they communicate instructions, ideas and actions. Icons educate. They are powerful visual tools. Icons stand for real life objects by representing them in actuality.

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