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Whitespace Matters

Why Whitespace is important in your designs?

Whitespace is simply the space between the elements. It is unused space around an object, but whitespace doesn’t necessarily need to be white, it can be any color that denotes negative space in your designs. It is an area that your eye doesn’t want to focus on. White spaces help separate paragraphs of text, graphics, and other portions of a document, and helps a document look less crowded. Using whitespace effectively is important in designs to keep the reader interested in your design.

Have you ever thought of the importance of whitespace in your designs? If not, here are some of the reasons why designers love to use negative space in their designs.

Creates Focus

Whitespace is a powerful way to draw the attention of the viewer to a particular screen element. People know what to read and this adds up to a better user experience. Readers are too busy browsing through sites, so the use of whitespace will increase interaction. According to a research conducted by Human Factors International, whitespace increases comprehension by almost 20%. An example of great usage of whitespace is your favourite browser, Google. Google, uses plenty of whitespace, while keeping the design minimal. Their homepage is filled with whitespace, so the userwon’t miss the major element-‘Search’.

Acts as a Separator

White space can improve your visual layout by separating graphics from images. The use of proper whitespace would mean clear communication of ideas and effective designs. Too little whitespace can cause confusion and too much whitespace could lack a highlight of content.

Creates an Impression

Great solid layouts, good color schemes all these elements add to the impression a website makes, but whitespace is especially important because it indicates finesse and ingenuity. Whitespace does not make your website bare and minimalistic. As long as whitespace is used in the correct manner, it will definitely add a sense of elegance and superiority to your website.

Adds appeals to your designs

Creative use of whitespace is employed by artists in their designs. The creative world is seeing an emergence of artists creating positive spaces and shapes that, in turn, carve out shapes in negative space intentionally. And the results can be stunning. When the viewers see a creative use of negative space within a logo or design, it sticks out in their mind. This is a highly effective way to add appeal to your designs.

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