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It’s all about Colours

How to use colours to make your design look interesting

Ever wondered how the use of colors can affect your web traffic? Colors are magical in seeking the attention of your audience. From radiant red to pastel hues, colours can set different moods for your presentations.
People respond differently to different colours. However, choosing the right colour while designing, can be a daunting task. It is very important to use the right colour at the right time for the right audience and for the right purpose. Here are some useful colour tips:

Gender Differences

Yes, of course there is a gender difference in response to colour! Women always prefer warm colours (Red, orange and Yellow) to cool colours (Green, blue and Purple).Cool colours are always preferred by men. So, it is important to select the colour scheme to appeal to your audience.

Colours of Happiness

Red is the most dynamic and vibrant of all colours. It can increase a person’s happiness and make them feel excited. Orange is not as overpowering as Red, but it can draw attention to details.Yellow is often associated with hope. It makes you feel cheerful and optimistic.

The Stress-free Green

Colours can bring mood changes among the viewers. Green is soothing to your eyes. If your presentation is about nature, environment, organic,then Green should be your choice.Green depicts growth and hope.

The Royal White

White is the colour of new beginnings. White contains all the colours of the spectrum.All colours look elegant when presented on a white base.

The powerful Black

Usually considered as the absence of all colours, black colour indicates authority and power. Normally used to highlight background and visual content.Commonly used as background colour in designs.

Avoid Overwhelming use of colours

Too many colours combined in a design can confuse your viewers. Avoid sophisticated colours for your designs.

With n number of colour choices available these days, it will not be a herculean task for you to create crowd pulling designs for your website .Are you excited about experimenting on designs with multiple colours? So here’s some good news….

We will soon be launching our user friendly design tool – Pixelfy, with a myriad of color options for you to create visually pleasing designs.


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